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Ten Observations on China's Relations with the World

Both China and the world will agree that there have never been such close ties, frequent interactions, and broad and deep mutual influence between the two. 

The Obama Administration Asia-Pacific Strategy

After President Obama took office, he started adjusting the U.S. global strategy, bringing two wars to a close and increasing attention and investment in the Asia-Pacific region.

Turbulence in West Asia & North Africa and China's Response

Some tendencies and characteristics have become increasingly salient from the evolutionary trajectory of the turmoil in West Asia and North Africa region ...

Firmly Promote the China-US Cooperative Partnership

Forty Years ago, the Shanghai Communique was published in Shanghai. A milestone in the history of China - U.S. relations, it opened a new chapter of exchanges and cooperation ...

Don’t Misinterpret China-Russia Relationship

The strongly assertive space strategy adopted by the Obama administration will have a major impact on the balance of int’l security

Editor’s Pick (American Think Tank)

President Xi Jinping’s strategic thinking for China: a wealthy society, deepening reforms, legal administration of the country and severe administration of the Party.            

The Qualities & Impacts of the US Policy Shift on Myanmar

After 50 years locked in a state of perpetual tension, US changed starts to actively engaged the Myanmar government. 

A Dose of Reality: Current World Economic Prospects

It is difficult to be optimistic when the prospects of European debt are not clear, when global unemployment is still high, and when inflationary pressures are becoming bigger...

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Chinese Think Tank, Policy Advise & Global Governance

The goal of this paper is to assess the role public policy research institutes - otherwise known as think tank- play in providing research & analysis on domestic and international issues in China ... 

U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission published a report on Chinese military forces by pointing out a lot of its so called “weakness” and “unpreparedness”.   It is widely known that PLA has not conducted any real wars for decades, and the military structure could be plagued with many real problems. However, it is stupid to conclude PLA is a weaker military army to beat.  With its industrialization, large pools of raw materials and human resources, R&D and its unlimited innovation, China and its military are very unlikely to defeat, even though in the short run, it could incur tremendous losses.   An all out War between big nations such as US, China and Russia are just self-destructive to all the parties, therefore, it is quite short sighted to read one technical shortages or another.  Read:  USCC published an assessment on PLA.  

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US Interference in Hong Kong Since 2007

America’s intervention was mainly reflected in three areas: the development of Hong Kong’s political system, human rights and Hong Kong’s high level autonomy. 

Ideological Clashes & Competitions

(Sino-US Relations) Over the next ten years, the world “will be led into an era of multipolarity without multilateralism and the result is terrifying”.

Chinese Think Tank (editor’s pick)